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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement & Patio Door Installation in Davis, CA

Step into a world of ease and convenience with our window replacement services, where our hassle-free installation process makes upgrading your windows a breeze.

Our Products

Renewal by Andersen® Signature Service

Superior product.

Immerse yourself in the exceptional quality of our windows, meticulously crafted using an innovative composite material. Delight in the harmonious blend of expansive, energy-efficient glass panels and sleek, slender frames that exude elegance.

Hassle free process.

Our professionals guide you every step of the way through the entire window and door replacement journey. Reap the benefits of our industry-leading approach, ensuring a seamlessly streamlined experience from start to finish.

Unrivaled beauty.

Custom design your very own unique window or patio door, with the invaluable assistance of our talented Renewal by Andersen designers. Explore our extensive collection of window and door styles, accompanied by a vast array of customization options, to discover the perfect complement for your home.

Long term value.

Place your trust in the unwavering durability of Renewal by Andersen windows, engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions for over two decades, while maintaining their original allure and functionality. Our comprehensive warranty coverage brings customers peace of mind because it encompasses glass, Fibrex® material, and labor costs to ensure your investment is safeguarded.

4-Step Process

Design Consultation

Indulge your imagination during a complimentary design consultation with our experts. Unveil a world of possibilities as you shape your ideal window. Obtain an accurate project estimate and gain insight into installation timelines.

Project Planning

Our skilled installation project managers ensure an impeccable fit through meticulous measurements. Meanwhile, our master craftsmen painstakingly tailor windows to your specifications, subjecting them to thorough precision checks before delivery.


Our Renewal by Andersen Certified Master Installers and adept team go the extra mile to safeguard your furniture and floors from any potential debris or harm. Rest assured that our team adheres to a proven process, guaranteeing efficient installations with unwavering consistency.

Customer Care

Enjoy exclusive access to our accomplished customer care team, standing by to support you throughout the installation journey and beyond. Whether you seek maintenance advice, warranty details, or further information about your window and door replacement, our devoted team is here to provide prompt assistance.

About Davis, CA

Davis, known for its blend of historic buildings and modern, sustainable architecture, presents a challenge for home improvement. Renewal by Andersen’s extensive range of window and door options complements this architecture. Whether it’s preserving the historic charm of older homes or enhancing the energy efficiency of contemporary designs, our products are custom-made to meet these needs while adhering to the aesthetic integrity of each property.

As a local service provider, Renewal by Andersen understands the importance of community in Davis. Our professional team, from sales through installation, is locally based. They bring not only a deep understanding of the local architectural and climatic nuances but also a commitment to community engagement and customer care.

Given Davis’s Mediterranean climate and anticipating the needs of a changing climate, Renewal by Andersen’s windows and doors are designed to adapt to increasing temperatures and shifting weather patterns. Our windows and doors contribute to making homes more resilient against extreme weather.
Renewal by Andersen offers a locally informed, expert service that aligns closely with the city’s environmental and architectural ethos. Our commitment to quality and community makes us a trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing your home in Davis.


Renewal by Andersen®
Replacement Windows in Davis, CA

Renewal by Andersen windows are designed for exceptional energy efficiency, featuring advanced glass options and precise installation techniques that minimize air leakage and enhance insulation. These windows also provide homeowners with a wide range of customization options, allowing them to choose the perfect style, color, and hardware to match their home’s aesthetic. With Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, homeowners can enjoy improved comfort, enhanced beauty, and long-term value for their property.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are characterized by their hinged top and outward opening design, allowing them to open from the bottom and tilt outward. This unique configuration offers several benefits. Firstly, awning windows provide excellent ventilation, allowing fresh air to enter while keeping rainwater out. Secondly, they enhance natural light flow into the room, brightening the space and reducing the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, their design makes them ideal for placement above countertops or other areas where easy access and airflow control are desired. Lastly, awning windows offer enhanced energy efficiency, as their tight seal when closed helps prevent air leakage and improves insulation.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are expansive window styles that project outward from the exterior of the building, creating a beautiful architectural feature. They consist of multiple window panels arranged in a gentle curve (bow) or angular configuration (bay). The expansive design of bay and bow windows allows abundant natural light to enter the room from multiple angles, creating a bright and inviting space.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward like a door, operated with a crank mechanism. They offer several benefits, including excellent ventilation control as they can be opened fully to maximize airflow. Their outward-opening design also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Casement windows provide a tight seal when closed, enhancing energy efficiency by minimizing air leakage. Additionally, their unobstructed glass surface offers expansive views and ample natural light, brightening up the room and creating a more inviting atmosphere.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are horizontally operated windows that open and close by sliding along a track. They offer several benefits, including space optimization, making them ideal for areas with limited space. Sliding windows provide easy operation with smooth gliding motion, requiring minimal effort to open or close. They offer unobstructed views and ample natural light, enhancing the aesthetics of the room. Additionally, their design provides excellent ventilation control, allowing for partial or full opening to regulate airflow according to preference.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are vertically operated windows with two movable sashes that can be opened from both the top and bottom. They offer several benefits, including versatile ventilation options as both sashes can be adjusted to control airflow. Double hung windows provide easy cleaning and maintenance as the sashes tilt inward, allowing access to the exterior glass surface from inside the home. Their classic design fits various architectural styles and enhances curb appeal. Additionally, they offer enhanced energy efficiency with a tight seal when closed, helping to minimize air leakage and improve insulation.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, fixed windows that do not open or close. They are designed to provide expansive, unobstructed views of the surrounding scenery and allow maximum natural light into the room. The benefits of picture windows include enhanced aesthetics, as they serve as a stunning focal point and add a touch of elegance to any space. They also offer improved energy efficiency by reducing air leakage and minimizing heat transfer. Additionally, picture windows create a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors, making the room feel more spacious and inviting.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows refer to custom-designed windows that come in a variety of unique shapes, sizes, and styles. They offer several benefits, including the opportunity to unleash creativity and add a personalized touch to your home’s design. Specialty windows can be used to create architectural interest, focal points, or to complement specific design themes. They allow homeowners to customize their window arrangements and create a truly unique and eye-catching look. Additionally, specialty windows can be combined with other window styles to enhance visual appeal and create a statement piece within your home.

Patio Doors in Davis, CA

Patio doors are exterior doors designed to provide access to outdoor spaces like patios, decks, or gardens. They offer several benefits, including seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, allowing for easy access to outdoor areas. Patio doors enhance natural light flow into the room, creating a brighter and more inviting living space. They provide expansive views of the outdoor scenery, bringing the beauty of nature inside. Additionally, patio doors can improve ventilation and airflow, allowing fresh air to circulate and enhancing the overall comfort of the home.

Sliding Glass Patio Door

Sliding patio doors are a type of patio door that feature horizontally sliding panels. They offer several benefits, including space-saving functionality, making them ideal for areas with limited space. Sliding patio doors provide unobstructed views of the outdoor surroundings, allowing for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

French Sliding Patio Door

Add convenience and elegance to your home with the French sliding patio door. Customize it with a selection of grille designs and colors that perfectly complement your house’s aesthetic.

French Hinged Patio Door

Hinged patio doors are designed with a classic and elegant aesthetic that adds charm to any home. Hinged patio doors provide a wider opening compared to sliding doors, allowing for easier movement of large furniture or objects in and out of the space.  Additionally, hinged patio doors provide excellent ventilation options as both panels can be opened fully, allowing for optimal airflow and fresh air circulation.

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Proudly Serving Davis, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

For window replacement and patio door installation services in Davis and the surrounding areas, homeowners can confidently rely on Renewal by Andersen in Sacramento. Our team possesses extensive knowledge of our windows and doors and excels in delivering effective installation techniques for unique projects. Schedule your complimentary design consultation today and experience our commitment to seamless service.

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Renewal by Andersen Signature Fibrex® Material

Our Fibrex® material, made of 40% recycled wood, offers superior strength compared to standard vinyl windows, making it twice as durable.
The enhanced strength of Fibrex® material allows for narrower window frames capable of accommodating larger glass panes.
Enjoy the low-maintenance nature of Fibrex® material, eliminating the need for painting and providing resistance against cracking, pitting, corrosion, and rotting.
Our windows have undergone rigorous testing over two decades, proving their long-lasting durability.

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